When is the Right Time to Upgrade From Microsoft Dynamics AX to Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Although, it is not as much inclined to implementing a brand new, top-notch ERP system, upgrading software is an important technological investment. Still, if you are depending on the readiness to improve, upgrading from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 is beneficial for your business operations with better integration, machine learning for platforms like on Microsoft Azure, expanded functionality and so much more. The degree of effort extended on the upgrading hinges on the quantity of data and business processes pays heed to you into the next level of Dynamics. The factors which decide how to upgrade from Dynamics AX are time, in house work force and the need to partner up with a Microsoft professional. You might want to squeeze out much usage of your existing AX system or only upgrade from AX 2009 to AX 2012. But if you’d like to explore the idea of upgrading directly to the Microsoft ERP system, here are some factors to consider.

  1. When you expect growth

Do you expect ramping up to hiring in order to strengthen up your workforce? Are you in between of the process of acquiring a business unit or integrating different teams? No matter the nature of growth, your technology requires to thrive with you as well. Your ERP system requires to improve, as your business is involving simultaneously. In other words, your ERP needs to be as strong as your team. Eventually, you will need an ERP system that is sturdy enough to keep up with the growth trajectory of the company.

  1. When you require more licenses

A huge workforce is tantamount to more end users which means that a significant number of licenses. When you are confronted with a situation that you require dozens of more licenses, it might be inexpensive to upgrade to Dynamics 365. Dynamics AX will need you to pay for maintenance renewal of your licenses on a yearly basis, apart from the licenses themselves. On the other hand, Microsoft has extended discounts for customers who are actively using AX systems who upgrade to 365. In other words, you get a lower cost for licenses till the end of the year 2019 and the chance to make the most of the attractive pricing. If your organization upgrades to Dynamics 365 right now, you can save a fortune in the imminent years.

  1. When you are adding more business processes

Company growth means adding new or adjusting the existing processes. In other words, the features of your ERP will be required to facilitate the new and altered processes. New features like Workspaces eases the user experience letting the new users to filter the data sets with no need for the knowledge of programming code. Dynamics 365 provides more integrated and embedded functions. Run your reports on the spot for enhanced visibility into your operations with more efficiency. Project management also becomes easier with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations by integrating the Project Service Automation application. You can take your customizations from Dynamics AX to 365 easily.